• For Schools

    Lunch for kids is interested in supporting your school, camp or daycare with a high quality food service program. The menu planning team takes into consideration input such as local student preference, USDA requirements, availability of items, and nutritional content and variety.  We make every reasonable effort to substitute food components for students dietary restrictions.

  • For Parents

    Since 2003, Lunch For Kids has been working with parents, school faculty, and most importantly, kids to understand individual needs and to refine our hot lunch menu and service. Find out how a well-managed, quality lunch program is a definite advantage for any academy or school, and how Lunch For Kids strives to make your child's lunch the best it can be.

  • Request for Proposal

    Lunch For Kids would welcome the opportunity to provide your Academy with a proposal for services. We've provided an online proposal form that makes requesting a proposal easier than ever. Just fill out the form, submit it, and we will contact you as soon as a we can.