For Parents

Since 2003 we have been working with parents, school faculty, and most importantly, kids to understand individual needs and to refine our hot lunch menu and service.  A well-managed, quality lunch program is a definite advantage for any academy or school.  A hot lunch program is certainly not a reason for a parent to enroll their child in a particular school.  However, the lack of a hot lunch program may be deterrent, if the parent has a choice between two programmatically equal schools.

Components of a quality meal program include:

  • Healthy and hearty meals, including daily vegetarian dishes
  • Foods prepared in our facilities under strict health codes
  • Fast response to email and phone inquiries
  • Healthy meal choices (baked items v’s. Fried)
  • High quality meals and produce
  • Our menus feature world-class variety and robust lunches, and we continuously work to feature new delectable dishes.