For Schools

Lunch for kids is interested in supporting your school, camp or daycare with a high quality food service program.

Menu Planning

Lunch for kids plans all menus monthly providing the school with a copy of the upcoming months menu by the second week of the preceding month for timely distribution to academy students.

The menu planning team takes into consideration input such as local student preference, USDA requirements, availability of items, and nutritional content and variety.  We make every reasonable effort to substitute food components for students dietary restrictions; these substitutions will be made on a case – by – case basis. (supported by program documentations of the students needs).

Standard menu portions provided by us meet or exceed the USDA standard for grades k-12. Menus are customized to meet the needs of our local customer base.  As a minority-owned, locally operated company, our staff is particularly sensitive to diverse ethnic menu preferences.  We will always work with the school staff to develop menus that will offer choices requested by the students that remain within the USDA guidelines.

Program Support

In addition to supplying the meals, Lunch For Kids will support the meal service program at your school with the following:

  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Customized Menus
  • Food Production Reports
  • Informational Training and Support
  • Catering Services